Cycle Nine Update

Welcome back! I hope that all of my #CycleSisters are gearing up for ovulation - I know that I am trying to! I haven't posted an update on this cycle yet because well, I'm actually feeling pretty good. Last month I was really negative and down around my period so I complained a little but this month was a little different. And even when I was complaining last month, I did not feel as down and depressed as I normally have in the past. I believe I mentioned it in my last blog post but a sweet TTC sister in my support group told me to say "I will get pregnant" everyday and it will help me stay positive and maybe that's working? It's hard to say! 

Here are my important dates according to my Glow app:

  • Fertile Window Begins: March 16th, 2018
  • Ovulation: March 20th, 2018
  • Fertile Window Ends: March 22nd, 2018

So, today is March 17th. As you read above Glow seems to think that my fertile window is now. I took an OPK this morning and it's getting darker but it's definitely not at a peak yet. Either way we are baby dancing just to cover our bases! 

One thing that I have been experiencing is some pretty severe headaches over the last week. I had one on Tuesday and now I've had one for over 24 hours. It started Friday afternoon and gradually got worse. When I got home from work I literally laid in bed and fell asleep around 6:30 p.m. and woke up at 8 p.m. to take off my make-up and brush my teeth only to get right back in bed. Usually if I sleep, my headache is gone when I wake up but not this time. It's currently 5 p.m. on Saturday as I am typing this and my headache is still here but very mild (because I took Excedrin). Ok, let's talk about the headache meds a little bit here because I absolutely hate Tylenol. It doesn't work for me and I continue to try and take it and see if it helps and NOTHING. So after three doses of Tylenol Extra Strength I gave in and took Excedrin. I know that I shouldn't have done that but I haven't even ovulated yet so I don't think it can mess with implantation or anything just yet. Hopefully. I honestly get so stressed out over that stuff. I get so worried that doing one thing can mess everything up when in reality - people get pregnant and do much worse to their bodies than taking one dose of Excedrin. Bottom line is the Excedrin basically worked. The headache is pretty mild at the moment and I can now live with it. It was so painful before. I've been researching migraines all day and I'm thinking that I have a tension headache but I can't figure out why. I drink a lot of water, I haven't been that stressed lately, I'm sleeping fine, so I don't know what it could be. All I know is that I didn't get headaches like this before trying to conceive. What in the world could that mean?!

Well, that's really all of the updating that I have for you today. I'm working on a post on how to use Easy @ Home OPKs because I've had a few questions about them so once I actually ovulate and have examples for you - I'll be sharing that post. I also have an update on the podcast edition of Dreaming of Diapers & Dimples so check back in for that one!

Advice on Thinking Positive While Trying to Conceive

First things first, don't let the title of this post fool you. I am not the queen of thinking positive - honestly, I am quite the opposite. Thinking positive is something that I am working on and I really want to get to a place where it comes natural. I've come a long way in the last few years, I have struggled with anxiety and depression so unfortunately - that affects my everyday life but I do feel like it gets better every day. 

A few years ago, I did some traveling and read a book that literally changed my view on a few things. I have re-read this book at least 10 times because like I said, this thought process does not come naturally to me so when I read this book - it reminds me and helps me see the other side. It's called "Who Will Cry When You Die" and don't judge this book by it's name - it's not a sad book at all. It's actually a self-help book for men and women dealing with anxiety. I've shared this book with so many women in my support group and everyone loves it - I wish this were a paid ad but it isn't I just really like the book!

Here are some tips on how to think positive while trying to conceive:

1. Wake up early - Sure, this advice sucks. It's not fun to wake up early, I get that but it's very beneficial to your mental health. I'm in the habit of waking up early because I have dogs that are so use to waking up with my husband at 5:30 a.m. so on the weekends they are ready to start their day around 6:30 - 7 a.m. so I get up with them. I'm one of those who cannot go back to sleep after they are awake. I hope that changes whenever I do have a baby, I'll be so tired that I'll sleep whenever I'm sure! Here's the thing, Waking up early can make you really productive. My favorite time of the day to do house chores is before 8 a.m. because when I am done, I have a whole day to enjoy my clean house and I can do other things with my time. 

2. Eat as healthy as your lifestyle allows - I word it that way because not everyone can eat super healthy, it's expensive to buy all healthy and natural ingredients and I'm not rich so I understand this. I'm also working on getting better at this myself. If you eat healthier, your skin, body, mind, etc, etc thanks you. Also, you are trying to create life - you should be the best version of yourself! But eating healthy actually helps mental health more than you know. Think about it, if you feel good and look good - it will be easier to stay positive. 

3. Read - I feel like reading is a lost art but it is so relaxing for me. Honestly, I wish that I could read more but I work full time, blog, podcast as a hobby and spend time with my husband so I don't have a lot of down time. I'm working on a post now of all of my favorite books but in the meantime, the one I mentioned above is perfect. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE BOOK ON AMAZON - $12

4. Have a mantra/mirror message - This is kind-of a new one for me. I have always loved a quote because it makes me think deeply about what it is I'm looking to feel. For example, if I am wanting to think positively, by reading one or more positive quotes/mantras/mirror message - I will think about what I read all day and it will boost my positivity. So I suggest that you read these early in your day and remember them throughout your day, week, etc.

5. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people - If you have any toxic people in your life, maybe don't see them as often or think about letting them go. In my life, I have had some negative and toxic people in my life and I had to make the tough decision to let go of that friendship/relationship because I knew that my life would benefit from it. There is a lot of harm in having a negative friend because they will always make you feel angry or upset and those emotions are not healthy and feeling them often can harm you in more ways than you realize.

6. Try this with your partner, everyday say one good thing about your day - In my opinion, this one is the hardest thing to do because sometimes you just have a really crappy day and can only think negative things about it. We have all been there. But try this with your partner, maybe during dinner or after work sometime both of you say one positive thing about your day. This could potentially change your mindset to see the good in every situation.

7. Don't think about the past - This is the most important piece of advice that I have for you and I saved the best for last. In order to think positive in this journey, you cannot think about the past. You cannot think about how last month you really thought that you were pregnant and that you were devastated when you found out that you weren't. It's hard and it sucks but you can't think of it and you need to let it go. Don't think about the number of months that you've been trying, just think about this month. Focus on the month that you are in and do everything you can to give it everything that you've got. All you can do is your best, the rest is not important. 

I'm not an expert on this and I honestly haven't mastered the "art of thinking positive" but I'm working on it every day and these seven tips - are what I live by during this journey. And since my sixth cycle of trying to conceive, I haven't really felt down, depressed, or negative. So, maybe, just maybe, that means that this is working!

Comment below with any tips that you can share with me and other Dreamers about thinking positive!

And if you decide to try "Who Will Cry When You Die?" (linked twice above) please let me know what you think! 


Everything You Need While Trying to Conceive

Aunt Flo is still in town, it's cycle day five and I don't have too much information to share with you all. I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to share some of my "necessities" when it comes to trying to conceive because over the last month I've been asked the same questions three times on Instagram. So in honor of those inquires, I am dedicating an entire post to everything you need this month for trying to conceive

  1. Ovulation Predictor Kit - I use Easy @ Home and buy them from Amazon for super cheap. They have a few different options when it comes to purchasing them and I like to get the 20 for $8 because that lasts me 2 cycles, usually.
  2. Pre-Seed - This is my second month using Pre-Seed. In general, I have no complaints whatsoever. I was a little nervous to try because I had a few women tell me that the texture was hard to get use to, the smell wasn't great, and that their husband complained but I have to disagree with all of the negative feedback I heard before trying. This product feels like any other lube! Follow my link below to purchase on Amazon, I think it saves you $2-3 buying online.
  3. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test - Let's be real, this is the very best pregnancy test on the market right now. The pink dye, digital option, and early result make this test a go-to for so many women. 
  4. Basal Body Temperature Thermometer - If you are into tracking everything, then you will absolutely need one of these! For most women, tracking their basal body temperature is how they know that they are about to ovulate, when they are ovulating, and when it's over. 
  5. A Fertility Tracking App - I use Glow but a lot of women in my support group with Ovia. I think they are both great, I have used them both but I feel that Glow is much easier to use.

I know that you can purchase 1-4 on Amazon which means you don't have to risk running into someone you know (if you still live in your hometown that is) because I feel like no matter how old I get, I am terrified to be caught with pregnancy tests at my local grocery store! Plus, I purchase a few of these items on Amazon because it does usually save a few dollars. You can sign up for Amazon Prime and get free two-day shipping and then cancel before the 30 day trial is up! Just a little tip. I added those four products below, these are the actual brands and products that I personally buy from Amazon every month (sometimes every other month if I'm lucky). 

Other than what I listed above, I highly recommend getting a few of your favorite snacks and some healthy fertility fruits like pomegranate, blueberries, strawberries, and lot of pineapple chunks! Also, I love to get some scented candles to light during baby dancing but that may just be my personal suggestion.

What products am I forgetting? I would love to hear what your favorite products are!