#2: Ovulation Predictor Kits

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast edition of Dreaming of Diapers & Dimples! If you are a returning listener that means you like me, you really like me! I am so thankful for you listeners and readers of this blog turned podcast. 

In this episode, I start off giving a weekly catch-up of what's going on in my cycle since the last time we spoke. I fill you all in on a week that wasn't my greatest because the outcome was not a positive pregnancy test, unfortunately. 

I also share this weeks #MANTRAMONDAY and it's a quote that I always find comfort in and I hope that you do too! Head over to the blog section and read the meaning behind this mantra for me!

And for today's topic I discuss the Easy @ Home brand ovulation predictor kits which I think is the most popular brand used in the TTC community because I see them in most Instagram posts and in my support group. These tests can be a little difficult to read and I totally am a culprit of getting stressed out the first month that I used these. So if you haven't used them before - listen in so you don't freak out when you use them for the first time. I've used a few expensive brands too and feel like they are easier to use but SO EXPENSIVE. I don't know how women purchase them each month because they don't even give you enough to last you all cycle. But maybe that's just me!

I hope that you all liked this episode and I hope that I gave you a good amount of information. I would love for you to get involved in the podcast and send in any stories about your journey that you would like to share. If you're struggling with PCOS or Endometriosis and want to educate listeners (and myself) on what a day in the life looks like, I would personally LOVE that. Or if you just want to share your story - please do. I want this space to be a wide open one where we can share anything and everything that comes to our mind. I feel like the fertility and infertility topics are not discussed enough which is why a lot of us didn't know that on average it takes a healthy couple 6 months to a year to conceive. So I want to start this conversation, educate myself, all of you, and any women new to the community. Let us help other women learn from our mistakes.

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